Neil Diamond gestures as he performs at the San Diego Sports Arena circa 1976 in San Diego.

Hands should be washed using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. And one of the better known tricks to accomplishing this feat is for a person to keep washing his or her hands until they have sang "Happy Birthday” twice. But the song known by virtually everyone four years and older isn't actually a good tune. Realizing this, one man has created a website that pairs popular songs with proper handwashing instructions, various outlets report.

The setup is simple, really. Any interested person just needs to go to and enter the song title they have in mind, as well as the song's artist. 

To try the website out, staff generated a handwashing game plan for “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond — it was glorious. In fact, the “hands, touching hands” part of the song is apropos. And by the end of practice, it's safe to say that hand washing “never felt so good” to us.

Jokes aside, this website is truly fun to use. Click here to check it out.