Person washing hands in a vector image

Jan/san distributors, facility managers and building service contractors who have struggled to get their employees to wash their hands during work shifts might have had what they needed available to them for years.

Arsana Health is now getting calls from companies asking about a hand hygiene monitor it developed back in 2017, reports VT Digger - a digital news outlet covering Vermont. Arasana Health now focuses on medical records software it recently created for long-tern care facilities, but the company's recent move to Vermont, coupled with the new focus on hand hygiene due to COVID-19, have businesses wondering about the device.

Called WashScene, the hand hygiene monitor works by tracking hand movements and other things to see how well people are washing their hands. The device is shaped like a tablet and is to be mounted near a sink. The monitor works by providing real-time feedback on how people are washing their hands. Business owners and managers who purchase the device can have WashScene report to them whether or not their employees are even washing their hands. The device also reports whether the handwashing that is taking place is being done correctly. 

WashScene also tracks the amount of traffic a sink in a public or commercial restroom gets.

Connor Dahlberg, founder of the company that made WashScene and eventually started Arsana Health, tells VT Digger that the company used to spend a lot of time trying to convince its customers in the long-term care industry that its hand washing monitor is important. Now with COVID-19 grabbing headlines throughout the world, Dalhlberg says he no longer has to do any convincing.

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