Ohio State celebrated the milestone for the iconic mascot back in November 2015. OSU paid special tribute to former Brutus alumni, students and those who helped found their beloved Buckeye mascot. Americo’s very own Leonard Shutzberg was among those who were honored during the weekend events for his role as “Brutus” from 1979-1980.

All Brutus alumni were recognized during a sold out gala, held in the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom in the Ohio Union. The event took on a story telling theme, with former Ohio State football player and Heisman Trophy winner, Eddie George as the narrator of the Brutus Buckeye story. Guests also heard Brutus tales told by alumni over the past fifty years. Nearly every student who has portrayed Brutus was on hand for the festivities. The fundraising event brought together sponsors, donors and supporters, along with Brutus alumni and those who have shaped the history of the mascot over half a century. All proceeds from the event went toward endowing scholarships through the Office of Student Life for students who perform as Brutus.

When interviewed, Americo’s Chief Executive Officer, Leonard Shutzberg (former Brutus 1979-1980) stated, “Prior to 1979, you had to try out for cheerleading to be selected as Brutus Buckeye. I spent 6 months going to cheerleading workouts and preparing for the cheerleading tryouts. I was horrible....I can assure you I came in last place! But when the guy that they asked to be Brutus declined the offer, Ohio State had a dilemma as this had never happened before. I went to Dick Delaney (former Associate Athletic Director OSU 1970-1984) and said you have a problem and I’ll solve your problem...let me be Brutus and promise to have separate tryouts for Brutus Buckeye going forward! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

Those who’ve had the honor to represent Brutus know that it takes tremendous integrity, dedication and a positive mental attitude to carry the great legacy of Brutus—all qualities that make a great leader. Leonard Shutzberg, who’s still a nut, possesses all of those characteristics and more. “I’ve always said that to work in the cleaning supplies industry, it helps if you’re a little nuts, but Lenny’s experience as Ohio State’s Buckeye mascot takes being a nut to a whole new level,” snickered, Richard Rones, Americo President.