Tork recently released their “Office Trend Report 2016,” which includes data on what facility managers and their clients think buildings of the future will entail. Included in the findings are the following points:

  •  The Intelligent Office: Around 40 percent of all office workers have experienced washrooms that haven’t been properly cleaned as well as empty paper and soap dispensers. However, given that facility managers (73 percent) have begun realizing intelligent hygiene solutions’ potential, they have an opportunity to make working lives better with increased connectivity.

For example, intelligent hygiene solutions can serve as the backbone to improving building performance, benefitting both washroom users and facility staff. One such solution is Tork EasyCube, a smart restroom system that uses sensors on soap, bath tissue and hand towel dispensers to transmit information to a web application indicating product refill levels. This data keeps building managers and cleaners abreast of restroom traffic, alerting them of exactly when and where potential issues arise so they can prevent them in time.

  •  The Conscious Office: Workers want better buildings. More than half of office workers say that their employer cares about their wellbeing and a third say that their office is designed with the employees’ health as a first priority. This is good news for facility managers as high-quality facility management continues to be a key factor for tenants deciding which offices to rent.

With the increasing popularity of open floor plans and the fact that employees spend most of their time at the office, over half of workers globally often worry about getting infected by colleagues going to work when they are sick. One way to help prevent germ spread and keep staff healthy is the use of touchless technology. For example, Tork Image Design’s no-touch stainless steel dispensers release hand soap and towels without needing employees to come into contact with the dispenser.

  •  The Flexible Office: Office workers want it all – peace and quiet as well as social, interactive spaces. Given that needs differ from day to day, as well as between different workers, a one-size-fits-all office won’t do the trick. Building managers can make small but impactful changes to improve tenant satisfaction.

In large office spaces, a wide variety of events (e.g., client presentations, staff meetings celebrations, etc.) can take place at any moment. With intelligent restroom solutions such as Tork EasyCube, cleaning staff can stay abreast of washroom usage and product levels, helping cleaning staff navigate the challenge of keeping restrooms fully-stocked and clean when occupancy and traffic can vary day by day.

Another way that office spaces can be flexible is by updating furnishings as appropriate. As building managers adjust the washroom products they provide based on tenant feedback (e.g., automatic hand towel dispensing rather than hand-cranked dispensing), they may also need to adjust the dispensers that offer them. This is why Tork offers a variety of recessed offerings to suit tenants and building managers’ needs.

  •  Pursuit of Happiness: Healthy employees are happy employees. Seventy-nine percent of survey respondents shared that they would inform their office managers or facility manager if they aren’t satisfied with the quality of hygiene products.

For the full report, click here.