2024 trends

Contributed by Waterless Co. 

The pandemic has changed how we work, but not everyone is happy about it. Many landlords and employers are eager to see workers return to the office in 2024. One of the strategies they are using to get them back to the office is to "glamorize" restrooms while also improving hygiene at the same time.

According to Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of Waterless Co. Inc., "Here's what we can expect in new and retrofitted restrooms in 2024."

The restroom "high-five." A new level of no-touch restrooms will be achieved by handwave devices. Users can activate soap or paper towel dispensers, faucets, toilets, and urinals by simply giving them a high five. This improves hygiene, shows innovation, helps reduce waste, and solves ongoing issues with sensor-controlled restroom fixtures.

Prioritizing Privacy. In 2024, more restrooms will have floor-to-ceiling toilet and urinal stalls or stand-alone toilet rooms. White noise machines or soothing music will play in the background to ensure users feel comfortable and elevate the restroom experience.

Hollywood comes to a restroom near you. The details that make super chic bathrooms, like those in celebrity homes, are finding their way into office restrooms. Expect more high-end marble, granite, and custom-designed fixtures in office restrooms.

Reflect Your Brand's Personality. Long overlooked, businesses are now installing restrooms that reflect their brands. In 2024, more restrooms will align with the company's image, from color schemes to material choices to lighting.

Water Efficiency. Reducing water consumption will become even more necessary in 2024. More restroom fixtures will exceed Federal water efficiency standards. Waterless urinals, like those installed in upscale hotels, will also become more widespread.

Ease of Maintenance. Designers will not overlook ease of maintenance. No amount of aesthetic appeal can compensate for lack of cleanliness. 2024 restroom designs will make restrooms easier to clean and maintain.

"Whether these new designs bring office workers back to the office is unsure," says Reichardt. “But what we do know is that the super plain traditional restroom is going out of style."