Business Consulting on the Mechanism of Metal Gears

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services announced today the addition of Maria Haan as Franchise Business Consultant, a move that is anticipated to revolutionize the way new franchisees integrate into the brand’s training program and grow their business during the first year.

With more than 25 years experience in strategic franchising and business consulting, Haan, who is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and a Certified Business Coach (CC) will be responsible for providing intensive business coaching to guide new franchisees to become foundationally sound and gain the necessary tools to grow their office during the first year of operation. In addition she will assist with franchisee relations and communications.

“The training period and first year of a franchisee’s business is a crucial time for honing skills that allow an individual to realize his or her vision for a business,” said Haan. “I was first drawn to Office Pride for the value the brand places on equipping all franchisees with the tools they need to truly flourish in their market, and I’m looking forward to helping all new franchisees realize their business potential.”

Haan brings an extensive background in consulting and franchise business support to the Office Pride family, including more than 20 years providing strategic vision and direction for Valpak.

The new position will see Haan working directly with new franchisees during “Countdown to Tampa”, the three weeks training prior to in-person training at the Office Pride Support Center in Palm Harbor, FL, providing personalized, foundational coaching to allow them to effectively prepare for intensive initial training. Continuing this support after training during “Launch to Growth,” Haan will work closely to ensure each franchisee builds a strong foundation on which to effectively grow and realize a strategic vision for their business during the first year.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be a franchisee with Office Pride, and we’re especially thrilled for Maria to provide the opening support that will allow our franchisees to gain the skills they need to thrive as business owners,” said Todd Hopkins, Office Pride founder and CEO. “Maria is uniquely equipped to make the pre-training and first-year time period a strong start for future expansion, and her new role represents our dedication to go above and beyond in supporting our franchisees.”

Unlike any other commercial cleaning franchise, Office Pride bridges entrepreneurship in a faith based business model which incorporates personal values including honesty, integrity, hard work and professionalism. This rock solid foundation has offered a launching pad for several new initiatives being implemented to foster the brand’s growth.