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Cintas Corporation announced that its Chicago distribution center received Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star certification from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). A ceremony honoring this achievement took place on Thursday, Sept. 13 at 11 a.m. at 5600 W. 73rd St. Special guests included Darnell Crenshaw, Assistant Regional Administrator, OSHA; Nancy Mugavero, VPP Manager, Region V OSHA; David Brady, Village President of Bedford Park; and other government officials and Cintas employee-partners.

VPP Star is OSHA’s highest recognition for the practice of and commitment to exemplary occupational safety and health. VPP Star certification is earned by businesses that meet rigorous safety requirements and can prove that the elimination of injuries is a key component of a company’s culture.

“This certification is validation that all of the partners at our Chicago distribution center has taken ownership of safety,” said Glade Parrish, General Manager, Cintas-Location 577. “Our number one priority is making sure every partner goes home, every day, in the same condition they came to work in, and we will continue to strive to improve our safety performance each and every day.”

Since 2011, this is the 83rd Cintas location to earn VPP Star recognition. Overall, Cintas has 93 locations that have been recognized under the VPP program. Cintas has become the number one participant in the nation for companies with VPP sites. It has approximately 250 facilities throughout the world actively pursuing VPP recognition by OSHA or the equivalent under a similar certifying body. This includes operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Honduras.