Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. announced it has received certification from the EcoLogo Program, upping its "sustainability profile," this according to the company. 
Novozymes will now offer at least one EcoLogo-certified formulation in each of its core product segments: hard surfaces, carpet cleaning, drain lines, septic maintenance, grease interceptor treatment, and odor control, a release stated. 
“We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers a full line of environmentally-preferred cleaning products, certified by trusted partners like EcoLogo,” said Matt Livingston, North and South America Marketing Manager at Novozymes. “At Novozymes, we understand that creating a sustainable future is key and we are committed to integrating sustainable practices into both our operations and our products. Certifying our products under programs like EcoLogo allows us to help our customers do the same.”
EcoLogo is an ISO 14024 Type I ecolabel, which has established standards of environmental leadership. Certification is awarded to products that are verified by an independent third party as complying with these standards, which include performance and multiple environmental requirements.
“EcoLogo standards are especially stringent, as they address multiple environmental attributes throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or service,” said Jon McDonough, Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Novozymes.
”Novozymes sends an important message to the marketplace with the expansion of their EcoLogo-certified product offerings. They’re demonstrating they understand and want to credibly communicate the environmental performance of their products, and EcoLogo is helping them achieve this,” says Angela Griffiths, Executive Director, EcoLogo Program.