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To recognize and honor exceptional Environmental Services (EVS) technicians, Cintas Corporation is accepting nominations for its 2022 C.A.P.E. Awards (Cleaning to Advance the Patient Experience) through August 8, 2022.

The C.A.P.E. Awards celebrate EVS staff in acute or long-term care facilities who are at the frontline of patient care, providing clean and safe facilities for healthcare workers, patients, residents and visitors across the country. The public can nominate heroic EVS technicians who might not wear a cape, but who play a critical role in cleaning and sanitizing public and private areas, including patient rooms, to eliminate viruses, germs and hospital-acquired infections.

"EVS staff are the first line of defense against infection at healthcare facilities, but they work outside the spotlight," says Chad Poeppelmeier, vice president of Healthcare at Cintas. "We are proud to honor these unsung heroes who display kindness and courage and spend countless hours maintaining facilities to prevent infection."

When the nomination period closes on August 8, a panel of Cintas representatives will evaluate the qualifying nominations based on their compelling nature and the quality of service and dedication of the nominee. The panel will select 10 winners to each receive a $2,500 cash prize and a $2,500 donation to their healthcare institution on their behalf. Winners will also receive a Rubbermaid charging bucket with products inside, and a scholarship to attend one of the Association for the Health Care Environment’s (AHE) (CHEST, CSCT, CNACC) program signature series train the trainer programs to the designated trainer.

During the 2021 C.A.P.E. Awards, Cintas received more than 800 nominations. Ten award winners were selected for their impeccable motivation, reliability, adaptability and commitment to supporting the clinical staff and other teams they interacted with. These winners provide a great inspiration to nominees for the 2022 award.

To nominate an excellent EVS technician, and to learn more about the Cintas C.A.P.E. Awards, click here.