U.S. Products, manufacturer of carpet extractors with built-in heating systems, foresees nine trends to be aware of in the carpet manufacturing and cleaning industry in 2015.
"Some of these trends have been underway for years and some have already been introduced," according to Sara Thurston, marketing and communications manager for Nilfisk Advance, which manufactures U.S. Products equipment. "However, consumers, end-customers, and technicians will likely become more aware of them in 2015."
The nine new and evolving trends foreseen are the following:

1.    Carpeting that is more environmentally friendly and made from renewable resources. In some cases, these new greener carpets will even contribute to LEED* credits.
2.    "LED" lighted carpet to provide directional lighting - especially in larger facilities such as airports and convention centers - or allowing for advertising to be displayed in the carpet.
3.    More carpet cleaning technicians viewing professional training programs as a must to be successful in the industry.
4.    A growing demand for IICRC** trained carpet cleaning technicians in both commercial and residential settings. Some carpet manufacturers already require that their carpets be cleaned by IICRC technicians to protect the carpet's warranty.
5.    Greater expansion of carpet cleaning technicians into such services as duct cleaning, ceiling cleaning, and hard surface tile and grout cleaning using "multi-surface" cleaning systems (extractors that can clean carpets and hard surface floors).
6.    Greater demand by end-customers for environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals and the use of low-moisture carpet care equipment.
7.    Technicians becoming greener and more sustainable in their own business operations.
8.    More portable machines developed for "solo," or one-person use.
9.    Less price cutting.

"This last issue-less price cutting-is a reflection of an improving economy and the increasing professionalism of the carpet cleaning industry," adds Thurston. "During the recession, a large number of start-ups entered and eventually exited the market. The carpet care industry in 2015 will be filled more with qualified, true professional technicians."