As more and more cleaning employees reach retirement age, employers are seeking the next generation of workers — which leads us to generation Y. To date, the media has listed this generation as lazy, selfish and demanding.

According to reports, generation Y is the fastest-growing segment of the workforce with an estimated 10 million seeking employment in the next four years. Employers can't afford to write this generation off and should make their own judgments of these workers. In fact, experts comment that what was seen as "negative" behaviors of these young employees are actually responses to a changing economy.

Some misconceptions with this generation include the assumption that they are disloyal. In fact, these young workers are very loyal, it is just a different type of loyalty than what employers are use to from their veterans. Gen Yers want to know they’ll be compensated fairly for the work they put in.

Many think that gen Yers don't want to pay their dues. In fact, these workers will work hard, but they want to know that they will be fairly compensated for it.

Another myth associated with gen Y is that they need constant praise. Without a doubt, this generation did grow up in a culture that praised them for every little achievement, but they don’t require it. If employers find themselves praising employees left and right, they should reassess their management style. That said, praise where deserved is essential to maintain morale among employees.

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