The Chemical-Free Cleaning Network (CFCN) is putting on its next "Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo" - September 18-19, 2012, hosted by the University of Maryland's Department of Residential Facilities, Building Services Department, at the Adele H. Stamp Student Union Building - and persons interested in  reducing or eliminating unnecessary petrochemicals from cleaning operations, may well find it of interest.
Industry maverick Vince Elliott, principal of Elliott Affiliates, Ltd. - a building service consultancy - founded the CFCN organization in 2010, and has since managed to shake up the status quo  of the cleaning sector with the "chemical-free cleaning" movement, and associated Expo, which is growing at a healthy pace.
Whether you agree with the name or not – i.e., to be technical, all cleaning involves "chemistry" – you cannot fairly dispute that the intent to make cleaning greener and healthier using fewer synthetic chemicals is a good idea; to wit, there are some 80,000 chemicals in legal use today in the U.S., many of which have not been tested for safety, and even fewer of which have been tested in mixtures with other chemicals.
The "Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo" provides a gathering place for like-minded persons to explore traditional but often overlooked or forgotten and safer approaches  - such as steam vapor sanitation -  as well as new ideas and technologies to even include whole-building strategies.
Technologies featured will include: activated water, air washers, autoscrubbers, chemical-free stone care, green or living walls, HEPA filters, HEPA filtered vacuums, hydrogen peroxide, aqueous ozone, photocatalysts, UV-C  light, and more.
"Rapidly changing technology has led to an unprecedented array of new products and services in the chemical-free cleaning marketplace,"  says Elliott. "The Chemical-Free Cleaning Expo provides a unique opportunity for professionals from across the country to exchange ideas and keep abreast of these developments."
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