superbug bacteria

Researchers at Aalto University, in Finland, have developed a real-time optical technique for identifying dirt and bacteria on surfaces, according to an article on the website.

The AutoDet (automatic biological contamination detection) method can be used in healthcare and public spaces to ensure the cleanliness of facilities during norovirus outbreaks or flu season. It can also be used to test that surgical tools are sterile prior to use.

The camera-like device uses hyperspectral imaging that collects as much data as possible from thousands of different frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum. Where a normal camera records only the red, blue and green colors visible to the human eye, hyperspectral imaging enables the recording of hundreds or thousands of colors.

This new method allows users to visualize dirt in real time. With the help of the device, cleaning can be ordered when it is genuinely needed instead of relying on regular cleaning timetables. At the same time, the level of cleanliness can be demonstrated to the building occupants.

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