Woman chatting with a coworkers over video

Cleaning service providers such as janitors, custodians and day porters have been instrumental in helping Americans survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of this work has been done to maintain essential businesses, though other work has gone into cleaning and disinfecting offices that have been shutdown. As more businesses begin to re-open across the country, one group of cleaning industry experts will be chatting with the men and women who help clean these facilities.

ManageMen, which provides training and management support to cleaning companies, will be holding video interviews with the cleaning teams that have been fighting COVID-19 since it came stateside. These interviews will discuss what challenges cleaning teams have faced and how they are changing their approaches to accommodate both their clients and staff.

Nancy Albin and Guido Piccarolo from Los Angeles Habilitation House recently participated in one of these interviews. In the interview (which can be viewed by following this link) Albin and Piccarolo discuss how they were prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic and why the perceptions of how important cleaning is to maintaining a healthy population is changing.