The Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning supplies and equipment welcomes a group of new products and participants. With both newcomers and some familiar names represented in the group, the SOA program now stands at 388 solutions, 11 interim maintenance systems, 434 vacuums, 106 deep-cleaning extractors and 121 deep-cleaning systems for a total 1060.

Carpet Cleaner Industries, of Klagenfurt, Austria, earned Seal of Approval Bronze on the Carpet Cleaning Industries System.

Sealed Air-Diversey Care, of Sturtevant, WI, achieved SOA Platinum on their Taski Pro Carpet 45 System and Taski Pro Carpet 30 System.

From Fenton, MO, Fuller Brush, a division of Tacony Corporation, earned SOA Gold certification on its household upright model FB-SM Speedy Maid Lightweight.

Xaact Products, of Couer d'Alene, ID, recieved SOA Gold on the Xaact Xtract 500H with Titanium 2 Jet (110-01).