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To help ensure Georgia-Pacific's Green Bay Broadway in Green Bay, Wisconsin continues to respond to future business production demands, a $7 million investment in T240, a perforated roll towel (PRT) line, was recently completed. According to Georgia-Pacific, T240 addresses maintenance and safety challenges, adds ability to increase production, and helps achieve critical EH&S improvements. This will be achieved by a state-of-the-art rewinder upgrade, new core machine, tail sealer, saw, wrappers, and case packer.

“PRT is an essential cleaning tool that was surging in demand during 2020,” said Julie Howard, vice president and general manager of Georgia-Pacific’s PRO towel, skin care, and air care categories. “It was aiding schools, hospitals, restaurants, and offices in becoming clean and safer for opening and operating.”

With PRT demand continuing in 2021, demolition work on X240 began earlier this year to prepare for T240. The existing wrapping, case packing, and conveyor assets were scrapped except for the rewinder frame and rolls. New servo drive systems, motion controls, and safety systems were integrated into new downstream equipment. This equipment includes a new log saw, poly wrappers, conveyors, metal detection, case packing, laners, and rewinder upgrades. Two new core machines, four manipulators, and two electric raw material movers are also part of the production process. In addition to a new control room for technicians, the layout of the area around T240 includes steel barriers to help separate mobile equipment from employees. 

Now completed, this investment effectively positions T240 to be part of Green Bay Broadway’s long-term automation strategy and provides new, safety functionality so Broadway is prepared for supporting the current and future PRT needs of the business.  

“The work the Green Bay team did on X240 to keep this line running full helped supply critical cleaning products to essential businesses across the country. Every person who worked on and supported that line and who will support the new T240 line should feel proud of their contributions to the greater good of our communities,” said Howard.