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Along with millions of resolutions to exercise more and eat less, the new year in the United States will also involve new online disclosure requirements that will apply to certain cleaning products sold in California on or after Jan. 1, 2020.

Most impacted by these requirements are the manufacturers of these cleaning products, which will be forced to disclose specified chemical incidents on both their website and product label.Cleaning products impacted by these requirements are referred to as “designated products,” which include general cleaning products, polishes or floor maintenance products used for janitorial and commercial cleaning purposes, according to The National Law Review. A general cleaning product, according to the law, could be defined as a soap, detergent or other chemically formulated product whose purpose is to clean, sanitize or disinfect.

These ongoing requirements and changes to ingredients might be something jan/san distributors, commercial cleaning companies and facility service providers want to  keep an eye on, too, as these changes might impact the way they sell or use products.

For more specifics on the changes taking place in California, read the rest of National Law Review’s description of the situation here.