The 2014-2015 winter was one for the books with many areas such as Boston receiving record amounts of snow. To remove snow and ice safely, the Snow & Ice Management Association launched a new training program in June 2014 — the Advanced Snow Management (ASM) courses. 

"The winter weather has a major and often dramatic impact on access to and the safety of commercial, industrial, retail, and multi-use facilities across North America," said Martin B. Tirado, CAE, Chief Executive Officer of SIMA. "These courses empower a more skilled workforce in the snow and ice management industry to provide safer more accessible sites and facilities during winter weather."

Split into four online modules, the ASM program includes segments on these topics:
 • Core Principles
 • Plowing operations
 • Sidewalk operations
 • Ice Management

As of March 30, 2015, any individual who completes one or more of the four courses (Core Principles, Plowing Operations, Sidewalk Operations, and Ice Management) now receives an official certificate of completion from the Snow & Ice Management Association, an ANSI Accredited Program Certificate Issuer – Accreditation Number 1170.

In addition, if an individual passes all four of the certificate courses listed above, they earn the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) designation.

"The ASM designation is a training-based credential that helps empower professionals at the snow operations management level to highlight their expertise," said Tirado.

The designation is not a certification or additional certificate and requires no ongoing educational requirements and is not affiliated with ANSI accreditation, as that applies to the individual certificate programs.

In addition to the ASM designation and ANSI Accredited ASM Program Certificates, SIMA also offers snow removal professionals its Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification program. Those with the CSP designation illustrate that the snow removal professional is:
 • Reliable. The professional values consistent service and communication.
 • Accountable. The professional is focused on partnership, safety and risk management.
 • Resourceful. The professional is aligned with industry's best practices and also is highly experienced.

To learn more about SIMA's CSP program, click here.