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The way in which floors are cleaned might change a bit as the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) announces it has developed new standards.

Earlier this month the institute published the CRI 204 Commercial Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning and CRI 205 Residential Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning. The purpose of these new standards is to help carpet cleaners to ensure that carpet looks its best and lasts for longer periods of time.

“Proper carpet cleaning is vital to the end user’s experience and satisfaction,” CRI President Joe Yarbrough says in an announcement. “CRI 204 and 205 highlight the best ways to maintain carpet and its appearance.”

The two new standards were developed after a yearlong effort from the Cleaning Maintenance Standards Task Group, which was assisted by carpet manufacturers and industries affiliated with carpet cleaning.

The standards will be submitted for consideration in the NSF/ANSI 140 Sustainability Assessment For Carpet. A Spanish translation of the standard will be available later this year.