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Network Services Company (NETWORK) honored member distributors for outstanding performance and support during the organization’s meeting of stockholder's and members.

Receiving NETWORK’s highest member distributor honor, Member of the Year, was Waxie Sanitary Supply. This award acknowledges a member’s outstanding performance and support of all NETWORK programs and initiatives which contributes to the organization’s formidable strength in the industry. The only five-time winner of the award, Waxie is headquartered in San Diego. An industry leader in the distribution of sanitary and related supplies and equipment, the company celebrates 75 years of operation in 23 locations throughout 10 western states.

The Corporate Account Sales Member of the Year award honors a member distributor that provides outstanding support and service to NETWORK Corporate Accounts. NETWORK Corporate Accounts continue a strong growth trajectory despite the impacts of a global pandemic. Imperial Dade was recognized with this award for its dedication and partnership in developing new business and providing exceptional service and expertise.  Imperial Dade, a multi-regional distributor, is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey and serves over 60,000 customers with a fleet of 800 trucks.  

American Paper & Twine was awarded the Purchasing Member of the Year, earning the organization's top purchasing award. The award represents a member distributor’s overall support of NETWORK’s suppliers, purchasing programs, and outstanding growth. Founded in 1926 in Nashville, Tennessee, American Paper & Twine services customers through seven distribution centers in the southeastern United States.

Additional awards that were presented include:

Business Development Award, Western Paper Distributors

Operations Excellence, EBP Supply Solutions and Hill & Markes

NetSource Support Award, Southeastern Paper Group

New Member Award, Allied Eagle and Singer