Network Services Company Expands Packaging Market Presence

NETWORK is proud to welcome Neway Packaging Corporation into its family of best-in-class distributors.

Neway Packaging, headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, Caliofornia, is a nearly 40 year old enterprise operating five full service locations and four sales offices throughout the United States. Neway's core focus to provide packaging solutions and expertise parallels NETWORK's objective to deliver customers high value distribution, operational improvements, and better business outcomes.

"NETWORK and Neway share more than a complementary product portfolio - we also share a customer-centric approach to providing solutions that impact the heart of what our customers do every day," noted Alan Tomblin, NETWORK's President & CEO. "We continue to expand our capacity to serve national customers. The addition of Neway Packaging will strengthen NETWORK's position in the market as the most knowledgeable, highly proficient distributors in our focus industries."

In NETWORK's nearly 50 year history the organization has expanded service capabilities to cover the United States and 49 countries around the globe.