Network Services Company, and its printing papers division NetPrint, have been honored with the 2013 IPW Supplier of the Year award.

IPW recognizes their Supplier of the Year based on a number of criteria, including:

    •    Strong customer service and competitive products
    •    National leader with expertise
    •    Outstanding quarterly reporting
    •    Demonstrated excellence in all actions, communications and strategies

Accepting the award on Network's behalf was Robert Mitchum, chief executive officer. This is the second time in three years the company has earned the Supplier of the Year award from IPW.
Network also congratulates John Holland, vice president of sales operations at for earning the 2013 IPW Procurement Coordinator of the Year award. John received this award for his work to strategically partner with IPW, including: effectively championing all communications between Network and IPW, his business acumen and professionalism, driving creative solutions, and focused attention on operations.