Nasutsa Mabwa President

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons president and Evanston resident Nasutsa Mabwa was recently appointed to become the new president of the Board of Directors for The Evanston Chamber of Commerce for 2022.

Mabwa oversees ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, a Chicago-based disaster restoration services business that serves areas such as the North Shore, Oak Park, and River Forest. 

The role of the president of the board of directors is to serve the membership by leading the growth and development of the Evanston Chamber, as well as by implementing programs necessary to achieve the chamber's mission. Duties include providing visible leadership in the community and being the key representative of and advocate for business owners in the Evanston area, to promote and strengthen the community by building a healthy, strong, and diverse business sector.

Mabwa, who is proud and honored to accept her new position, commented on some of the projects the chamber has done during the pandemic during the city’s annual celebration virtual event. 

“Over the past two years, the chamber has faced a number of challenges due to the pandemic,” says Mabwa. “However, during this time, we’ve continued to do the following: attracted new businesses and retained existing chamber members. We’ve organized virtual, and more recently, in-person networking events to continue to build relationships with the community, civic organizations and the City of Evanston, and special service area businesses.”

Being a successful business owner who has experienced challenges and successes, she had a special message to the city’s owners and operators.

“It’s been difficult for the past several years to run businesses because of the pandemic,” she says. “It’s very important to look inwards and nourish and recharge ourselves as leaders. We can never neglect ourselves emotionally, mentally, or physically so it’s important to find this balance to be successful in your businesses.”

Dr. Paul Fischl, president of Fischl Dental Associates in Evanston, is very excited to see Mabwa enter into her new role. Since meeting her five years ago, Fischl has seen her active representation in meetings particularly for the Chamber at Evanston City Council, City Council Committee, the Racial Equity Committee, and other committees.

“She has worked consistently on behalf of our chamber, its members, and our entire community,” he says. “Her experience leaves her unquestionably qualified to take over leadership of our Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to my next year on the board with her as our leader.”