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NW Synergy (NWS), the holding company led by distribution and logistics leader FEMSA and consisting of three regional leaders in the janitorial supply, packaging solutions and specialty distribution, announced the acquisition of Southeastern Paper Group (SEPG). The addition of SEPG to a portfolio consisting of North American, WAXIE and SWPlus extends the geographical reach of NWS to nearly every corner of the country.

This transaction aligns with the organization’s vision of keeping buildings cleaner, people safer and making operations more productive, every day. The addition of SEPG to the portfolio will enable the business to further its position as a national leader in janitorial supply, packaging solutions and specialty distribution. Together, the platform operates 37 distribution centers across the country, with nearly 2,000 employees working to support more than 36,000 customers.

“The strategic acquisition of SEPG is part of our vision to continue to unite a fragmented market and scale the expertise and success of our core business," said Mark M. Fisher, CEO of NWS. "They bring the same high-touch, customer-first culture of North American, WAXIE and SWPlus and extend our model of bringing strong category knowledge, industry leading products and a willingness to solve the most demanding problems for our customers.”  

SEPG has offered customers innovative solutions for their business needs for more than 50 years. Today it provides food service supplies, facility maintenance solutions, and industrial packaging products across seven states throughout the southeastern United States. With nearly 500 employees, SEPG provides a sizable entry to the Southeast, a key region for NWS. 

“Our partnership with North American, WAXIE and SWPlus is a significant step forward in our ability to play a prominent role in the industry for the long-term,” said Lewis Miller, second generation owner of SEPG. “Expanded access to expertise and resources will ultimately [fortify] our business, providing better service and value for our wide array of customers and a bright future for our employees.”

The SEPG acquisition provides NWS increased strength, scale and expanded portfolio offerings. Leveraging FEMSA’s distribution and logistics expertise, the combined companies will complement each other’s distinct strengths and capabilities for customers and vendors alike. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has put greater emphasis on the importance of proper hand hygiene and facility cleanliness,” said Charles Wax, co-chairman of the Board. “By combining strengths, we’ll be able to provide more people the products they need to be safe and healthy.”