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NVIP has made Banana Products the exclusive distributor of its AKTIVE brand to the jan/san industry, according to a press release from Banana Products.

NVIP has become better known in the jan/san industry in 2020 after it decided to change its production so that it could supply hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, the company was known to provide its AKTIVE beauty products to major retailers.

“In early March, we quickly realized there was an extreme shortage in PPE, so we shifted production and started producing hand sanitizer," said Jeff Guest, president of NVIP. "Through our already established retail partners, AKTIVE quickly became one of the leading suppliers of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes in the US. Fortunately, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and open production lines for sanitizing and disinfecting wipes."

Banana Products has been around since 2013 and known for its Banana Cone wet floor sign. In 2018 Banana entered into a distribution agreement with Impact Products for the Banana Cone, but recently has become a leading supplier of face masks and other critical PPE items for the jan/san industry. 

“We at Banana are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with AKTIVE and it is our top priority to build a successful, sustainable and long-term distribution model for their products," said Patrick Brogan, founder and sales director for Banana Products.