National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies (NISSCO) recognized the sustainability efforts of Kutol Products Company by awarding the company its 2011 Preferred Supplier Sustainability Award at the ISSA Show, recently held in Las Vegas.  Mark Bozich, president of NISSCO congratulated Joe Rhodenbaugh,  president of Kutol Products Company, Tom Rhodenbaugh, vice president of manufacturing, and Bob Bernet, vice president of sales, at the Kutol Products Company booth.

Kutol Products Company, known for its extensive line of hand hygiene products, recently obtained LEED Silver Certification for its new headquarters and manufacturing plant located in Sharonville, Ohio. It is one of the first manufacturing plants in the JanSan industry to earn this distinguished LEED Silver certification and one of just 2,700 in the country.

"Our industry has had a substantial impact on raising the general public's awareness of the environment and healthier cleaning alternatives," points out Bozich.  "Now, our industry is moving from promoting green to the larger picture of supporting sustainability.  KUTOL is a shining example of a manufacturer that fully embraces sustainability in its production and leads the industry by obtaining one of the industry's first LEED Silver certifications."   

The new KUTOL facility was built from the ground up, with a focus on sustainability and the environment, choosing to build on a defunct government storage site.  "As construction workers cleared the site, approximately 8,000,000 pounds of old concrete was pulverized and used creating new concrete," points out Joe Rhodenbaugh, president of KUTOL Products Company. "Overall, we were able to recycle over 95% of construction waste and more than double our capacity with our expanded space and  investment in state-of-the-art equipment."
The new facility depends upon geothermal energy generated from an adjacent pond to conserve energy costs.  Some statistics show geothermal heat pumps use 25% - 50% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems.  Best of all, about 70% of the energy used is renewable energy from the ground.
For greater energy savings, KUTOL installed high efficiency lighting with motion-sensor controls.  Special CO2 monitors control the mix of fresh air to inside air to assure consistent indoor air quality. The company chose low-to-zero VOC carpet and paint, and used opportunities for natural light.   

KUTOL Products Company manufactures hundreds of different hand hygiene products from moisturizing liquid soap to hard-working pumice-based options, all in the United States, at this manufacturing facility. There is a full range of antibacterial soaps and sanitizing foams and gels, as well as environmentally certified, Green Seal products. The company also offers a bio-based hand sanitizer that is dye and fragrance-free.