Kaivac's CEO and  President, Bob Robinson, Sr., was recently appointed to the National Floor Safety Institute's (NFSI's) Advisory Board at NFSI's April 2012 Board of Directors meeting in Atlanta GA.

According to Russell J. Kendzior, president of NFSI: "We are pleased to have an industry pioneer and leader of Bob Robinson, Sr.'s caliber on our 10-member Technical Advisory Board, and look forward to his input and assistance in fulfilling NFSI's mission of raising floor care to floor safety."

In response, Robinson added, "Kaivac is delighted to be involved with the safety mission of NFSI, and we look forward to making a substantive effort to aid NFSI in making the world, and floors in particular, a safer place."

In 2011, NFSI awarded "High-Traction" product certification to Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning and OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning Systems, making these the only spray-and-vac and dispense-and-vac products to receive the certification.