Secretary of labor

The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), representing the 8.2 trillion-dollar wholesale distribution industry and 6 million American workers, strongly opposes President Biden's renomination of Julie Su for Secretary of Labor.

Brian Wild, chief government affairs officer at NAW, issued the following statement: 

“Ms. Su's time as Acting Secretary has been marked by a disregard for the diverse needs of both businesses and workers, evidenced in her flawed and harmful policies that threaten jobs, stifle growth, and undermine essential freedoms.

The proposed overtime pay rule, with its unprecedented hike in the salary threshold, stands as a prime example. This rule, demonstrably harmful to the wholesale distribution industry — the very backbone of our nation's supply chain – would limit employee development opportunities, diminish workplace autonomy, and restrict flexibility for millions of employees. This is not an isolated misstep. We see Acting Secretary Su's influence on other alarming policies, like today’s new Labor Department rule redefining independent contractors, a biased regulation that threatens the flexibility and earning potential of millions of Americans.  

Furthermore, Su's oversight of the Department of Labor has yielded flawed proposals like OSHA's proposed walkaround rule, a rule that not only fails to advance workplace safety but also violates property rights, imperils trade secrets, and endangers businesses to increased liability risks. This pattern of harmful decisions is simply unacceptable for a leader entrusted with managing an agency that has such a profound impact on our economy.

NAW unequivocally calls upon President Biden to withdraw his renomination of Julie Su. We urge the President to appoint a leader who will work tirelessly to build a future where both businesses and workers can thrive.”