Brand vector text with employers working on branding design

With decisive new brand positioning, a refined logo and an updated website, Mulberry Marketing Communications brings to life its central mission, best expressed in its new tagline: Making business to business personal.  

“As times and trends change, it’s important for organizations to adapt by modernizing and rethinking their branding,” says Mulberry CEO Matt Serra. “Refreshing our brand identity allows us to express with clarity who we are as an organization, the quality of the work we do and the personal approach to B2B marketing and communications that drives our clients’ businesses. We believe that relationships are everything, and feel our new branding conveys this.” 

Mulberry’s engaging new website brings its revamped brand positioning and color palette to life. It showcases past campaigns across the janitorial, foodservice, technology and heavy equipment industries, includes a blog with thought leadership-focused content and humanizes the brand by introducing visitors to the agency’s staff. 

The Mulberry logo is a symbol of entrepreneurship – specifically, the enterprising character of the agency’s late founder, Chris Klopper. Before Klopper started the agency in 1995, his first business endeavor was picking mulberries by hand and selling them door-to-door. Mulberry’s new logo features the primary color palette and depicts a cross-section of the fruit, which changes from white to plum to black as it ripens. A secondary palette includes lively shades of red, green, purple and orange.