Sick woman at work with headache

Yet another why cleaning services are critical to the success of a company: Americans overwhelmingly favor showing up to work while sick.

Nine in 10 workers surveyed say they have come to work while displaying cold or flu symptoms, according to recent research from the global staffing firm Accountemps. A third of those who say they have shown up to work while sick say they always go to work when they’re feeling under the weather.

More than half of the workers who say they go to work sick do so because they’re worried they will fall too far behind on their workload if they miss time. Ironically, 40 percent of the respondents say they show up to work while sick because they don’t want to use up the sick time they are provided.

Other reasons employees choose to show up to work while sick might be that they’re afraid of losing wages or of disappointing their boss, says Affinity HR Group, Inc. 

Of course, when people show up to work while sick they put their coworkers at much greater risk of becoming sick themselves. This act is frustrating for janitorial staffs, as it puts extreme pressure on them to keep offices and other work settings as clean as possible. In many ways, the act forces janitorial workers to be both the only thing standing between a healthy office and one that is ravaged by an outbreak.

Fortunately, there are several simple things companies can do to deter their workers form coming in while sick.

"Bosses should set an example by taking time off when they're under the weather, encouraging employees to do the same and offering those with minor ailments the ability to work from home,” says Michael Steinitz, senior executive director of Accountemps, in the company’s press statement regarding its findings. “Bringing in temporary professionals can keep assignments on track during staff absences."

Affinity HR Group, Inc. recommends that employers ease a sick employee’s worries regarding lost wages by offering them the opportunity to make up some of that time once they are healthy.