According to Debby Davis, a floor care expert with Powr-Flite, manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, her company receives more questions and "more requests for help" regarding floor care issues than any other cleaning task. Here are some of the many questions that come in, as well as answers from Davis.
I put several coats of finish on a floor but now there is more marking from foot traffic than before. What happened?
Invariably this is caused by too many coats of finish put on too quickly. When this happens, it usually means that some coats did not thoroughly dry (cure), which trap  s moisture between the coats. Place a tissue under your foot and twist it into the floor. If it does not stick or tear, the finish is dry.
One of the floors we recently refinished is receiving complaints about static electricity. Did we cause this?
Whether you caused this or not, I cannot be sure. However, some static electricity problems can develop as a result of the types of shoes workers wear when refinishing the floor. Wear leather soled shoes and try to raise the humidity in the facility since dry air can also cause static electricity. Also, clean the floor using an antistatic cleaning solution.
What exactly is a floor shine?
Many cleaning contractors are surprised to know that a shine is really caused by the reflection of light off the floor. A very clean, evenly applied finish will reflect light that makes the shine. However, with foot traffic and time, the finish can become worn down, uneven, or soiled. This affects the reflection of light, making the floor look dull.
Why did so many of my floors "grey out" this past winter?
This past winter was harsh in many areas of the country. Ice melt, sand, and moisture that are walked in to the facility and tracked on the floors soften the finish. It is now easier for the floor to collect soil and, as this happens, the floor begins to grey out.