Distribution truck

Moblico, a leader in mobile engagement solutions for wholesale distributors, and Continuum, a trailblazer in multi-party returns management, announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the way distributors manage warranties, repairs, and returns. 

This collaboration leverages Moblico's advanced mobile messaging and custom-branded mobile apps along with Continuum's innovative returns automation platform to reduce return costs and enhance the overall customer experience.

For manufacturers, distributors, and end-users alike, the returns process has often been cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to frustration, inefficiency, and increased costs, particularly on job sites where quick returns are crucial for maintaining project timelines and productivity. Recognizing these pain points, Moblico and Continuum have joined forces to revolutionize how returns are handled, making the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved. 

"Our partnership with Continuum aligns perfectly with our mission to provide best-in-class mobile experiences for distributors and manufacturers,” says Pierre Barbeau, co-founder and CEO of Moblico. “The returns process, a critical component of post-sales communication, is now an integral part of our comprehensive solution, enabling us to support the entire customer journey from start to finish."

By integrating Moblico’s mobile engagement solutions with Continuum’s returns automation platform, they offer a streamlined and automated returns process accessible directly from job sites through AI-powered mobile solutions. Wholesale distributors using Moblico's solutions will now be able to manage returns more efficiently, reducing manual processes and associated costs.

“The Moblico and Continuum partnership marks a major milestone in customer experience for distribution companies and their customers,” says Alex Witcpalek, founder and CEO of Continuum. “In a mobile-first world, enabling customers to create warranty claims, returns, and exchanges with real-time inventory availability puts power in the hands of the customers. Contractors, OEMs, and MROs are all seeking suppliers that prioritize ease of doing business. Together, Moblico and Continuum deliver exactly that."