A fake traffic sign warning of wage increases

Three states and more than a dozen cities and municipalities have instituted minimum wage increases.

Illinois, Nevada and Oregon each raised their minimum wage to kick off July, reports USA Today.

Illinois' minimum wage is now up to an even $10 from $9.25. That's the second minimum wage increase in a year for the state, which raised the floor for pay from $8.25 to start 2020.

Nevada increased separate minimum wages for workers with and without health insurance. Those without health insurance must earn at least $9 an hour. People who have health insurance are to be paid no less than $8 an hour.

Oregon increased its minimum wage to $12 and its largest city, Portland, raised its own minimum wage to $13.25.

Here are a few of the major cities that raised their minimum wage:

- Washington, $15

- Los Angeles, $15 for large employers

- Minneapolis, $13.25 for large employers

- San Francisco, $16.07