Team of healthcare workers at a hospital smiling to camera

Studies show there will soon be a great deal of retirement among healthcare facility managers — nearly a third have been working for more than 25 years, according to Health Facilities Management. When that time does come, Millennials will be more than ready to take over.

Three traits that millennials posses make them the ideal candidate to lead in the future and bring into a workforce in the present, says the American Society of Healthcare Engineering.

Technology is an ever-important aspect of business and perhaps no generation is as comfortable handling it as Millennials. They love to use tech-driven data to help make decisions and get tasks done, no matter the size. If there’s a technology at a healthcare facility that Millennials aren’t familiar with, chances are they will be able to get comfortable with it fairly quick.

Part of the reason Millennials like technology so much is because it makes things more efficient; and Millennials love efficiency. When presented with a system that improves productivity while reducing waste, Millennials will embrace it more times than not. When given the opportunity, they will develop such systems.

Millennials don’t just want a job, they want a career that makes a difference. Given the impact healthcare facilities have on the lives of patients, Millennials are likely to find meaning in what they do.