Midwest Rubber Service and Supply Company has recently won the 2013 Manufacturer of the Year Award sponsored by the Manufacturers Alliance in Minnesota. The organization presents this award annually to recognize companies that share best practices with peer companies to strengthen the Minnesota manufacturing community. Midwest Rubber was the recipient in the less than 100 employees category at the awards ceremony in Minneapolis.

“We’re honored to have received this award,” said Doug Turk, president of Midwest Rubber Service and Supply Company. “It’s the result of a commitment by our company and employees to contribute to the peer learning process with other Manufacturers Alliance members. We really believe ongoing peer learning, in areas such as Lean Manufacturing, is an approach that will continually improve our business and company. We not only share learning experiences with our peers, but use each other as sounding boards—we’re all in manufacturing and we understand each other.”

Each year Manufacturers Alliance presents awards in three categories: companies with less than 100 employees, companies with 100 to 400 employees and companies with more than 400 employees. Winners are recognized for sharing best practices with peers to benefit all manufacturing. Examples of this include: Presenting at manufacturing educational seminars, authoring manufacturing articles, leadership or teaching in manufacturing organizations and hosting plant tours for peers.