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Midlab, Inc. is honored to welcome Mark McKenzie to the team as VP of Sales for National Accounts. In this role, McKenzie will be responsible for overseeing new business development for key accounts and building strong customer relationships. After serving in distribution networks of all sizes, he’s excited to be putting his industry experience and growth-oriented mindset to work with an innovative company.

“What led me to Midlab was the people who work there, the innovative products they make, and the ways in which they bring them to market. I’m impressed with where the company and team are headed, and I’m excited to be joining them when I am,” says McKenzie.

After decades of experience in sales and management roles at national companies like NSS Enterprises and UniSource Energy Services, McKenzie made the move to Midlab in June of 2021. Moving forward, he’s eager to play a vital role in growing the company’s BSC business and his customers’ businesses with the help of innovative solutions.

“When we do business with someone, my priority is to evaluate what we’re doing and how we can continue to do it even better from that point on. It’s easier to do that with innovations like the PLUS Label System, which Midlab developed to help simplify cleaning and training for product users,” he explains. “I know firsthand how much solutions like that can help BSCs.”

McKenzie’s also proud to be joining Midlab for the company’s commitment to customer care, one of their core values (along with sustainability and innovation). He expects these core values will be present in nearly every conversation he has with customers. 

“My philosophy is simple: show every customer you care about their experience,” says McKenzie. "I lead with what’s important to them and pay close attention to the impact our solutions have on their business.”

When he’s not busy aligning customers with the products and solutions they need, McKenzie enjoys time with family and friends. A friendly golf competition or day spent fishing with his son are two ways he unwinds when not at work. Originally from Toledo, he plans to get involved with the local church community and charities in the Athens area in the near future.