Continued growth and the desire to provide better customer service has prompted Midlab, Inc. to consolidate its manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping operations into a new, single site. Midlab, Inc., celebrated its move to the new facility in Athens, Tenn., with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony in October.

The new location at 140 Private Brand Way, Athens, TN nearly triples Midlab’s manufacturing and warehouse capacity with an additional 100,000 square feet. The new facility not only upgrades production ability, it also streamlines the operation from receiving raw materials and production to warehousing and distribution. The well-situated location keeps Midlab near two major interstates. With the increasing expense of raw materials, it is a strategic move to hold down production costs, enabling Midlab to continue to grow its business.

“This is just the kind of company we want here in Tennessee…a company that has been shown 30 years of continuous growth, changing business to meet changing business needs—by going green," says Patsy Hazlewood, TN Dept. of Economic & Community Development

Midlab COO Matt Schenk agrees. “The growth in green cleaning products is one of the major reasons for our company’s expansion. The green movement is creating jobs.”

Along with innovation, Schenk also credits old-fashioned business sense for the company’s ability to continue its growth despite these tough economic times, “Our passion to service customers, our branding promise, the high quality products we manufacture together with the green product line are all reasons for our growth.”