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Maya’s Hope Foundation, Inc., an international organization serving children in need, provided enhanced protection with EnviroKlenz Air System Plus units for its annual charity event, the Maya’s Hope Lotus Ball Gala, on November 17, 2021. EnviroKlenz, supplier of indoor air quality solutions, donated the air purifiers to add to the existing precautionary measures in place as the organization prioritizes safety for the event’s guests, staff and volunteers.

For over ten years, Maya’s Hope has reached an international community, providing food, medical treatment, education and more to impoverished, orphaned and disabled children and their families. The non-profit’s leadership is keeping safety as a top priority for their annual in-person event at the historic New York venue, The Players, while preparing for returning guests amidst the continual risks of airborne virus transmission.

This past year, the City of New York implemented numerous safety regulations to further protect the public while businesses, institutions and events resumed post-quarantine, including a proof of vaccination for entry to indoor dining and entertainment, according to Emergency Executive Order 225. The Board of Maya’s Hope will uphold this regulation among other measures for safety, and in addition, recognizes air quality enhancement as a necessary precaution for indoor gatherings.

“Air quality and ventilation was a top concern while planning this year’s gala,” says Maya Crauderueff, Founder of Maya’s Hope. “Even though there is a vaccination requirement to attend our event, we wanted to make sure that our guests feel comfortable to breathe freely and enjoy their experience. Air purifiers provide a wonderful extra layer of security that we can offer to our volunteers and attendees in the interest of keeping everyone safe and healthy.”

The charity expresses its gratitude for the EnviroKlenz Air Systems and the enhanced filtration capabilities they have to offer. Having peace of mind that an additional level of air quality protection will be implemented on top of existing filtration and ventilation is valuable to guests and hosts alike.

The EnviroKlenz Air Systems will be stationed throughout the venue to efficiently operate in the background, offering enhanced protection against airborne transmission among guests and staff without disturbing any part of the event. With validated technology that destroys 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other airborne toxins, the use of these air purifiers goes beyond expectation of state regulations to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort throughout the night.

After the event, Maya’s Hope Foundation, Inc. will be leaving the EnviroKlenz Air Systems with The Players in hopes that the venue can continue to enhance its air quality as it begins to host indoor events again.