Max-Defense System Names Guy T. Harris as National Sales Director. Guy has worked for Max-Defense's parent company Certified Maintenance Service, Inc., a 19+ year old commercial janitorial company which operates in 24 states, for almost a decade as the Sales Director.

Max-Defense System is an affordable profit generating program for building service contractors. Max-Defense trains BSC's to market and apply an EPA Registered and environmentally friendly Anti-Microbial "shield-like" bio-static coating that can only be applied by Authorized Service Providers (ASP).

The "shield" will fight 24/7 against potentially deadly microbes for up to one year on many surfaces including carpets. All Service Providers are provided with high quality customized marketing materials, customized web page, discount chemical pricing, compete application training, sales and technical support.

"As a former college wrestler and referee, skin conditions such as MRSA and Ringworm were topics of huge concern. Couple that with me being in the Building Services Industry for almost a decade, I was naturally drawn to this opportunity to lead the Max-Defense Division of our company. The fact is: many people are concerned with potentially harmful microbes and we have system that will fight against them for month after month after initial application. So I see the benefit to society as a whole but obviously I see the business opportunity as well. Our system is really a "no-brainer" for a BSC. For a little as $99, we will completely train them on all aspects of the Max-Defense System and give them to tools they need to go share this wonderful technology with their market place. When we introduce our system to local clients that are very interested and excited. My first sales call locally, I sat down on a cold call with a terminal manager of airport van shuttle service, within 15 minutes the deal was done. We treated 20 vans for revenues of $2000 and profited $1000. As my Dad used to say, "beats a sharp stick in the eye!"

Max-Defense now offers exclusive territories and starter packages. Learn more at or contact National Sales Director, Guy Harris at 423-987-2845 for more info.