Matting Protects People And Floors

Good entrance matting is a requirement for organizations that care about both people and productivity. According to Nassco — a New Berlin, Wisconsin-based distributor of janitorial, packaging, food service and safety supplies and equipment — a good matting system will pay for itself.

There are many great reasons why facility cleaning managers should consider installing proper matting into their facility. Here are the top five, as outlined by Nassco experts.

Safety – The number one reason to use matting is protection and safety of the people who come through your doors. Slip and fall accidents in workplaces cause loss of money, workdays, and possibly worse. Effective matting traps moisture at the door and reduces the potential for slippery floors and accidents in your buildings.

Floor Protection – Eighty percent of the dirt brought into your facility is walked off in the first 12 feet of matting. Your beautifully finished floors will experience far less scuffing, scratching and dirt with good entrance mats.

Labor Savings – Ninety percent of the average facility maintenance budget is labor. With less dirt tracked in and onto floors, you’ll save countless hours in floor care and cleaning labor.

Cleanliness – This speaks for itself. Mats trap slush and soil from shoes and boots, which means a cleaner facility all around, especially in the wintertime.

Aesthetics – First impressions count. Your buildings will be more beautiful with entrance mats that make customers feel welcome. Mats can also be customized with your company branding on them.