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Marsden Holding, L.L.C., a national facility services provider, announced that it has acquired commercial plumbing contractor, Signature Mechanical, Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary company, Palen Kimball, L.L.C., effective April 1, 2022.

Palen Kimball is a commercial mechanical services contractor providing HVAC and other maintenance services to clients throughout the state of Minnesota. The acquisition of Signature Mechanical will allow Palen Kimball to expand its offerings to include commercial plumbing and better serve clients with an expanded suite of mechanical services.

Signature Mechanical has more than 75 years of combined plumbing experience in the seven-county metropolitan area in Minnesota. The company specializes in commercial, remodel and new construction plumbing services. Former Signature Mechanical owners, Jim Froehle and John Flagg, will remain actively engaged in the business.

“The appeal of selling to Marsden was the fact that it’s a local company that is looking to grow its offerings to its customer base and not a capital fund looking for an income stream,” says Froehle.

“Palen Kimball and Signature Mechanical have enjoyed a great relationship over the years,” says Rick Schomburger, COO of Marsden’s Mechanical and Facility Services division. “This relationship was cultivated while working together on several commercial properties. In conversations with Jim and John, we realized that together we bring a stronger and broader offering to our clients, than the companies could offer separately.

Signature will continue doing business as Signature Mechanical and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Palen Kimball, L.L.C.

“We have found a partner who shares similar values and approach to customer service,” says Schomburger. “Now that we are in a position to offer commercial plumbing, we can continue with our strategy to expand within the Twin Cities while providing our clients with an even higher level of service.”