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Pioneering natural microbial and anti-microbial solutions manufacturer, Genesis Biosciences, was recognized for its commitment to the environment at this year’s Cardiff Business Awards. 

Genesis Biosciences is a world leader in beneficial bacteria fermentation and is the first company to research, develop, manufacture and offer both natural microbial and antimicrobial products for the facilities management, industrial & institutional, water and wastewater treatment, and marine industries.  

Genesis Biosciences won the hotly contested “Green Business of the Year” honor in the awards that celebrate entrepreneurial and innovative ventures. The ceremony took place on in June and saw more than 400 people attend. 

Following four years of research and development, Genesis' successful microbial product range, Evogen, provides performance driven, environmentally responsible microbial cleaning solutions which deliver an alternative to the harsh chemicals traditionally used in the cleaning industry. 

“Ensuring companies are environmentally responsible is so important and we are happy to be leading the way in Cardiff,"  says Genesis Biosciences managing director Emma Saunder. “In a market which is dominated by harsh and sometimes dangerous chemical cleaners, Genesis are developing products that are putting end-user safety, social responsibility and environmental considerations first, and that belief is at the heart of the company’s culture.”