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Today’s jan/san consumers are web-savvy, mobile-enabled, and overwhelmed with information. To address this new reality and to help end-customers make effective purchasing decisions in an easier manner, Kaivac has introduced a new type of functionality to its website.

Referred to as “Decision Simplicity,” web visitors can now click on a link on the home page that reads: Find the Kaivac System That’s Perfect for You.

“This link directs our [web] visitors to not only product information, but how and where our products can be used," says Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac. "Most important, this new link helps cleaning professionals select the product best for them."

According to Morrison, many e-commerce sites allow visitors to compare the features and benefits of different products.

"Decision Simplicity takes the process a step further," he explains. "We ask our visitors a few questions and based on their answers, we recommend the product that will best meet their needs."

For instance, one series of questions regarding selecting a restroom cleaning system, asks the web visitor:
• What material makes up the restroom walls? (Options include ceramic tile, drywall, water-safe tile)
• What material is the restroom floor?
• Will you need to access more than one story via stairs?
• Will you be transporting your machine via a vehicle?

"The answer to each question helps the site determine precisely which machine will prove most effective," adds Morrison. We then suggest additional ways that the [selected] machine can be used."