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As the baby boomer generation ages and retires out of the workforce, younger workers are entering the management ranks. Taking on the responsibilities such as overseeing staffs, managing budgets and ever-expanding departments can be daunting. After all, the role of a facility manager is not easy:

"An ideal facility manager must have Aristotle’s logic and Solomon’s wisdom, a priest’s discretion and a gambler’s poker face, a lawyer’s shrewdness and a marketing director’s charm, a gladiator’s guts, a marathon runner’s perseverance and a sprinter’s speed, a leatherneck’s toughness and a dancer’s agility, lots of good luck and 30 hours per day." (Source unknown)

To help young managers tackle these challenges, ChargeSpot offers the following tips.

First, join a professional network. New managers can benefit from the tried and true experiences of others that have walked in the same shoes. Often times, participating in these networking groups will also expose managers to others with similar interests and departmental objectives.

There are number of industry associations that can help with networking. But don't be shy about striking up a conversation with attendees at industry events, or participating in organized networking meetings.

Tip No. 2, talk the talk. It's important for managers to not only know what their department is responsible for, but they should also know appropriate language and terminology necessary to talk about it.

Make sure the right tools are in place to keep tasks organized. Proper organization will result in efficiencies and improved productivity.

As a manager, it's important to be visible and build relationships. This is a service industry. It's not only important to know the staff and their capabilities, but managers should also familiarize themselves with building occupants. Cleaning can have a big impact on the comfort and culture of an organization.

Lastly, never stop learning. Facilities are constantly growing and changing and a strong manager will keep up with industry trends and stay current on productive tools.

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