The Malish Corporation, manufacturer of rotary/disc brushes for commercial floor cleaning machines, along with a growing line of janitorial and foodservice/color-coded brushes, has launched a new corporate website that promotes all Malish products and services.
The mobile-friendly website immediately makes clear what products and services Malish offers. The visibility of OEM Services in particular has been enhanced dramatically. This is accomplished with large, attractive graphics and three easy ways to access pages. The first way is through drop-down menus at the top of the website. The second is via sliders on the homepage, and the third means of access is through static links further down the homepage.
The desktop version of the website utilizes a "mega menu" option that allows the visitor to see all available products at once. The mobile version provides scrolling pages that are easy to use on a smart phone.
Once a visitor drills down to individual product pages, literature and price lists are available complete with page-turning technology. All corporate contact information is easy to find on every page of the website, so questions can be directed to Malish personnel immediately.
"We are truly excited about the way this site works now as well as its growth potential," said Fred Lombardi, VP Sales & Marketing. "The streamlined site allows customers to get the product details they are looking for, but there is also room for Malish to expand product and service offerings as time goes on. We've also made sure to impress upon people that Malish is a global company with offices and plants around the world."
The new website can be accessed at