The Malish Corporation, a manufacturer of floor machine and surface cleaning brushes since 1948, recently conducted its first Diamabrush Training Seminar at the corporate headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio. 

The diamond abrasive floor preparation system is primarily used for concrete floor polishing, mastic removal and hardwood prep.
The seminar is an intense two-day session that includes classroom training and hands-on training, which includes a variety of surfaces from concrete to wood.

Diamabrush Specialist Tom Van De Motter conducted the session with help from vice president of sales and marketing, Fred Lombardi.
"This training center is something we envisioned shortly after we launched the Diamabrush line," Lombardi said. "It is important for our distributors both domestically and around the world to have an in-depth understanding of how to use and therefore how to sell the unique Diamabrush line. Once a distributor completes our training session and is certified, we know that they are completely prepared to present the entire product line to their customers."

Van De Motter said distributors came from as far as Germany, the Netherlands, France and Denmark to partake in the training sessions.
"Our first class was completely engaged throughout and gave us positive feedback as to the value of the training," Van De Motter said. "We look forward to training hundreds of distributors in the coming months."