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Demand for newly constructed office space in the San Francisco area has grown drastically in recent years. It is these skyscrapers that are capitalizing on stronger glass and improved glare-reducing techniques to satisfy worker demands for light-filled offices.

The result of this growing amount of glass building exteriors is an increasing demand for window washers. While laborers are in short supply, machines are stepping in to fill some of the void.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, window cleaning machines wont replace people anytime soon, but they can help ease some the burden.

IPC Eagle, for example, offers a machine that works via remote control. It works from the bottom up, guided by a wire connected to equipment at the top of the building. It cleans at approximately 30 feet per minute and does not require breaks.

People will always be necessary for facilities that feature challenging angles and virtually all interior work, but there are also advantages to machines.

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