Mitch Murch's Maintenance Management Company (MMMM), a janitorial contract cleaning service company, announced that three MMMM Team Members have earned the I.C.E. designation from the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association. The team members include: Eric Bixby, Glennon Caul, and Todd Wilkins.    
Becoming an I.C.E.-certified professional arms holders with information about the critical factors that can be used to help customers or organizations meet demands from the highest management levels, says Tim Murch, president of MMMM.
I.C.E.-certified professionals can further assist their own organization and customers meet impending budget reductions by evaluating, reducing and redistributing our workforce in the most efficient manner, he added.  
By earning this designation, Bixby, Caul, RBSM and Wilkins will play a critical role in helping MMMM achieve CIMS and CIMS-GB re-certification, with honors. As I.C.E.-certified professionals, they will perform preliminary audits ensuring that MMMM’s systems, processes and programs are standardized companywide.