Lyft sticker close up on windshield of Lyft Drivers car showing customers which vehicle to enter when getting rides in Detroit

Many building service contractors and facility managers, and even a few jan/san distributors, often experience short-term productivity and workload issues because some members of their staff lack consistent means of transportation. An employee could be totally willing and ready to come in for their shift, but not show up because of car problems or an inability to afford gas or bus fare. And if existing employees are unable to attend work because of transportation problems, it’s probably more difficult for prospective job candidates to make it to their janitorial interviews when they’re not working or underemployed. Fortunately, one of America’s fastest growing companies has made a pledge to help improve upon these situations.

Ridesharing giant Lyft is unveiling a new initiative to help struggling people get to job interviews, and even their first few shifts after being hired, reports Fast Company.

Lyft’s new program will provide people with rides to job interviews, training and their first three weeks of employment for free or at a large discount.

Lyft made a pledge to donate $50 million towards sustainability and transportation infrastructure, as well as free rides to those in underserved communities when it went public. The company hopes to make good on part of the promise through the ride-giving program, which will serve people with disabilities, low-income workers, the unemployed, formerly incarcerated, immigrants and refugees.

Left won’t be handing out the free ride passes directly to those in need. Instead, the company will give free ride credits to non-profits, who will in turn distribute the credits to those they deem fit for the help. Those not affiliated with one of the participating non profits are encouraged to reach out to the United Way, who can help people determine if they’re eligible for the assistance.