A woman putting on hand sanitizer

The list of hand sanitizers the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed unsafe to use has now reached 75, according to the latest update on the FDA's website.

Although hand sanitizer has been heavily sought after during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA says dozens of hand sanitizers in question aren't worth using because they're contaminated with methanol, also known as wood alcohol. 

Methanol is an issue because it's toxic to humans when it is ingested or absorbed through the skin, according to the FDA. The results of the ingestion can be life-threatening, as has been evident in recent reports. In New Mexico, three people died and a fourth was blinded after drinking hand sanitizer earlier this year.

While the use of safe hand sanitizer can be beneficial, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests it be used in situations where soap and water aren't available. To examine the list of hand sanitizer's the FDA is advising consumer not to use, click here.